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Apr 04, 2013 at 01:53pm IST

One could easily see Narendra Modi's fear in Rahul Gandhi, says BJP

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Thursday slammed Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi's address at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) calling him a 'confused leader'. The BJP went on to say the fear of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is clear in Rahul Gandhi.

"Rahul should have answered what he did in the past nine years. Instead he himself is asking questions," BJP leader Prakash Javadekar said.

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"One could easily see Modi's fear in him. He is a confused leader with a confused ideology. It was very clear, that there was a Modi phobia reflected in his speech," Javadekar added.

Rahul Gandhi on Thursday raised a strong pitch for inclusive growth, saying Congress was the only party that believes in harmony. Addressing the industry leaders at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Rahul Gandhi said the weaker sections, women, backward classes should be taken along for the country to grow.

Speaking of equal rights for all, Rahul Gandhi said, "The biggest danger to national movements is excluding the poor, middle class, tribals, women. A rising tide raises all boats, but you need a boat to rise with the tide, what does he who does not have a boat do? It's not enough to rise the tide, we have to give them the boat, the basics. The infrastructure is rights-based, give them the basic minimum on the job front, education front, information front."

In an address that began with Rahul Gandhi highlightting India's optimism, the Congress Vice President also highlighted how students in India how to go through studying 'obsolete' material. "There is a tendency to look at India as a country. We see India as a national structure. If you go back 100 years, you will find India is actually an energy and a force. The image of India has changed due to our corporates. Nobody says India only has elephants on roads. The spirit of this country is forward moving and brave. We are optimists," Rahul Gandhi said in the beginning of his address.

Rahul Gandhi also highlighted the need to give powers to people saying a beehive is stronger than an elephant. One man riding a horse cannot solve the country's problems, but it is a collective effort. "The architecture we have to build is to connect the grassroots with the political system, open the political system. The legislative engine in India consists of 5,000 people who determine everything, how many people choose them? How can you talk of Centre-State relationship when only MPs and MLAs are defining the Vidhan Sabhas? People talk about individuals, large number of problems can be sorted out by the lower level people. Give a billion people the power to solve a problem, it'll be solved in a jiffy," Rahul Gandhi said.