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Aug 16, 2008 at 07:29pm IST

Open the roads: Mirwaiz urges the Govts

Kashmir: Peace seems to have taken a backseat in J&K. Roads are shut down, transportation of essential materials have been affected, and many people have lost their lives. As violence in Kashmir refuses to die-down, CNN-IBN spoke to All Parties Hurriyat Conference Chairman Mirwaiz Umer Farooq on the possible solution.

The Mirwaiz has called upon Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to open the Srinagar-Muzzaffarabad road for trade.

He says it will ease tension in the Kashmir Valley. Stating that the issue is now a public issue, Mirwaiz said, "India and Pakistan are involved in a composite dialogue. Hurriyat conference on its own can try to persuade Pakistan. If they have any objections they should overcome those and try to open the road."

He urged governments to make a symbolic announcement that they have no hesitation with regard to opening of the road, from Srinagar to Muzzaffarabad or Jammu to Rawalkot.

"The simmering of the issue is continuing, you have to hit at the root rather than hack at the leaves. That is what we have been trying to tell Delhi since a long time. But unfortunately, for Delhi listens to Kashmir, only when there is a bomb Blast, violence and killings," he said.

He suggested that Government in Delhi should have a dialogue with Kashmir, Jammu, Ladakh and other Northern areas. "We need to find a mechanism and the best mechanism was, let there be a triangular dialogue. Let there be an initiative taken by both India and Pakistan. When nobody was supporting a dialogue between Srinagar and Delhi, the Hurriyat conference went to Delhi, met the government, met the PM, we came up with a list. But unfortunately, nothing was done" he added

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