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Jun 20, 2007 at 09:55am IST

Orkut comes to ailing lyricist's rescue

Mumbai: Remember the Alisha Chenai number Made in India that opened the space for pop music in India, but do you remember who wrote the lyrics?

Shyam Anuragi, the man who has penned over 500 hit numbers like Made in India is struggling for life. He is on dialysis and has lost his eyesight.

The family needs money every week for his medical treatment and believe it or not, in this time of trouble, Orkut has provided a solution.

Music director Sanjeev Kohli has never met Anuragi but he heard his story and decided to set up a community on social networking platform Orkut to gather funds for the lyricist.

New to the world of blogs, Kohli never imagined that his idea would work in such a big way.

“I created the community on March 9 and now it’s just a month and I have been able to get 112 members. You will be amazed that from Orkut few people made a group, got together at Andheri Station and went to Anuragi's place and gave his family a cheque. So, it’s really working,” Kohli said.

Those who can help financially are sending in the cheques and those who can’t are sending their wishes. Anuragi's wife may not know what Orkut is, but she's grateful for all the help that is pouring in.

“Sanjeevji told me that he has formed a group somewhere but I don’t know what it is. He is helping us a lot,” Anuragi's wife, Renuka Anuragi said humbly.

Next on Kohli’s agenda is a music concert where he plans to rope in many well-known singers to raise money for Anuragi.

If you wish to contribute, search for Shyam Anuragi on Orkut or call Renuka Anuragi on 09224775518. You could also chip in by spreading the word or just leaving messages for the ailing lyricist.

(With inputs from Priya Krishnamoorthy)