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Feb 27, 2012 at 02:05pm IST

Oscars: Interview with best actor Jean Dujardin

New Delhi: French film 'The Artist' bagged top honours at the Oscars and ended the evening with five of the golden ladies. The top honour was perhaps the victory in the Best Film and the Best Actor category. Jean Dujardin won the Oscars for the Best Actor for his role in 'The Artist'.

Q. I'm going to do very quickly but maybe something in French really quickly. [Speaks in French]

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Oscars: Interview with best actor Jean Dujardin

Backstage interview with Jean Dujardin - winner of best actor for 'The Artist'.

Jean Dujardin: [Speaks in French]

Q.[Speaks in French]

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A.[Speaks in French]

Q. Sir, with your great success in this silent movie, are you concerned with the effort to make a transition into talkies?

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A.(JEAN DUJARDIN) In America? I'm not American actor. I'm a French actor, and I continue in France and but it's possible. It's

A.(INTERPRETER) If he can make another silent movie in America, he'd like to. He knows he'll always be a French actor in America so he should find roles that, you know, those kinds of roles.

A.(JEAN DUJARDIN) Thank you.

A.(INTERPRETER) But he has a few ideas that he wants to develop.

Q.[Speaks in French]

A. [Speaks in French]

Q.To your right. Congratulations.

A.Thank you.

Q. At the end of your acceptance speech, did you perhaps drop the French equivalent of the F word?

A. I said it's amazing. It's incredible. It's unbelievable. Thank you. Ah, yes. I'm sorry.

Q. Hello.

A. Hello.

Q. Congratulations.

A. Thank you.

Q.And I'm wondering where your four legged friend is, Uggie, and how you're going to celebrate with him?

A.(JEAN DUJARDIN) Uggie? Tonight, Uggie is home in Miami, I think. So but, yes.

A.(INTERPRETER) He went to bed already.

Q.[Speaks in French]

A.[Speaks in French]

Q.[Speaks in French]

A.[Speaks in French]

Q. Hello, Jean. I would like to know what was the process of creating this character and was it any different from the way you created other talking characters?

A. It was not really intellectual, and I'm not an intellectual. No, I watch I watched a lot of movies. Douglas Fairbanks movies, Gene Kelly movies. I had fun pretending to be a movie star in 1920s.

Q.[Speaks in French]

A.[Speaks in French]


A.Thank you very much. Thank you.