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Nov 13, 2008 at 06:33pm IST

The new alternative to TV post strike

Mumbai: As the TV producers continue their strike people have found interesting ways to spend their time and entertain themselves. Many agree that there is life away from the idiot box and for those preparing for exams, switching off the tube really helps.

People are longing to watch their favourite programmes but a message saying We are unable to bring you fresh content due to the differences between the Film Producers' Bodies and the worker's Association is what appears on screen.

Since being forced to switch off that idiot box, people have found something else to kill time.

"I've started hanging around and spending more time with my friends," says one viewer. "I've been spend more time with my family," says another viewer.

While some have resorted to shopping and watching movies, others are into video games and are catching up with their studies.

"I enjoy shopping so since there isn't much to watch on the TV I've been out shopping," says an innovative viewer. "I love watching movies so I've started watching them more often," says another viewer.

"I started spending more times playing more games on the Play Station," says one. And "I'm catching up n my studies," says another.

With CAT just around the corner, this could be the best thing that could have happened to the aspiring MBA's, but there are more benefits of switching off that tube.

While one viewer says "In a way it's good since my eyes aren't getting that strained staring at the TV," another says "I'm spending time teaching my father to surf the net."

There are also those who have taken up physical activities to spend the time they did watching TV more constructively," I've started going out and playing and now I'm losing weight due to the physical activity," says a viewer.

The questions that now arises after the strike is the silver screen going to benefit out of this war? Or is it the shopkeepers or is it the families and friends who have waited for you to get some time off for them?

Whatever might be the case it seems like a great idea to live life out of the box.

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