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ISRO chief over the moon, dismisses criticism

Nov 15, 2008 at 03:02am IST

It's a new chapter in the history of Indian space exploration and the Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation, Madhavan Nair, is understandably elated. He spoke with CNN-IBN shortly after Chandrayaan’s Moon Impact Probe touched down on Moon’s surface.

CNN-IBN: India has reached the moon. What’s your reaction?


Madhavan Nair: It’s one of the excellent moments not only for me but for the entire ISRO community and the nation. We are proud that we have done it

CNN-IBN: What exactly were the last few moments like? Was the MIP movement perfect?

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Madhavan Nair: It ignited to precision of a second. We have implemented it. We knew everything was rehearsed and chances of error were much lower. So we were relaxed and it touched down as planned in 15 minutes.

CNN-IBN: How significant is the landing of Tricolour on moon?

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Madhavan Nair: It’s very significant. Indian flag reaching the moon is a great moment.

CNN-IBN: All the criticism about the programme’s cost-effectiveness can be put to rest now?

Madhavan Nair: I haven’t spent more than three per cent of my three-year budget on this programme. It’s the most cost-effective programme in the world

CNN-IBN: We are now going for the sun, is there a satellite called Aditya?

Madhavan Nair: We are not going to the sun as of now. We’ll have a satellite to study the affect of solar radiation and earth’s atmosphere. It’s called Aditya and we are in the process of implementing it. It’ll take two years.


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