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Dec 01, 2011 at 09:16am IST

Oz PM to get more salary than Obama and Cameron

Melbourne: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard will get more salary than US President Barack Obama and the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, as the country's Remuneration Tribunal has decided in favour of increasing the wage of the MPs.

The salary of Gillard is set to overshoot by $ 90,000 making her total wages exceed even US president Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron salaries, a media report said.

After a review, the independent Remuneration Tribunal has decided for increasing federal MPs' salaries in decades. The base salary for the politicians is likely to jump steeply and even the most junior parliamentarian will jump from $

Oz PM to get more salary than Obama and Cameron

The salary of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is set to overshoot by $ 90,000. (Associated Press)

140,000 to at least $ 180,000, 'The Courier Mail' reported.

Sources said the tribunal's decision would increase the current base salary for MPs of $ 140,910 to at least $ 180,000 and possibly more.

Meanwhile, the Government could face a public backlash to the pay deal particularly after announcing a series of budget cuts, including reducing the baby bonus and plans to slash public service spending.

The boost in pay will mean the Prime Minister, who is paid a loading of 160 per cent, will get at least $ 470,000.

Gillard will earn more than the US President, who is paid about $ 400,000, and Cameron, whose salary is about $ 221,000.