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Apr 12, 2009 at 03:45am IST

Pak says no Indian hand in Lahore attack

New Delhi: Pakistan's flip flop over the attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore continues with Interior Ministry Advisor Rehman Malik on Saturday denying of having any evidence of an Indian hand in the attack.

Just a day earlier the Lahore's Capital City Police Officer Pervaiz Rathore had alleged that there was "involvement of India" in the March 3 attack on Sri Lankan cricketers.

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"There is no such thing on record yet. But Mr Pervaiz Rathore (Lahore's Capital City Police Officer) has been asked as on what basis he took India's name. So far, the investigation of the attack on Sri Lankan team is being done by the Judicial Commission and therefore we are not supposed to talk on that. As far as Manawan is concerned, I know some suspects have been arrested but the investigation is still on. It is not concluded yet. Therefore, I will not give comment on it unless I have got the final report with me," said Malik.

ALL'S WELL: Rehman Malik says Pakistan can help avert terror attacks in India only if it is informed in advance.

Malik also said that Pakistan can help avert a terror attack in India only if it is informed in advance.

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"We can help in averting a terror attack only if informed in advance. India and Pakistan are facing a common enemy," said the Pakistan Interior Ministry Advisor.

Earlier, Rathore, too, back tracked from his accusation that India was behind the attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers last month.

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In a new twist on Saturday, Rathore claimed that pro-India Afghans were behind the attack on Sri Lankan players.

He said there was sufficient evidence which would soon be made public. Rathore also claimed the same set of people were behind the attack on the Manawan Police Academy a little over two weeks ago.

As for Pakistani Taliban leader Beitullah Mehsud claiming responsibility for the Manawan attack, Rathore said Mehsud is paid to be a terrorist and can do anything for money.

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