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Mar 09, 2009 at 06:55pm IST

Pak diplomat blames India for delay in probe

New Delhi: The investigations into the Mumbai attacks are progressing painfully slowly in the face of new accusations coming from the Pakistani government.

The latest in Pakistani flip flop is that it has reverted to its old ways of blaming elements in India.

The Pakistani investigation into the Mumbai attacks may soon run out of steam. Intelligence analysts in London warn that Pakistan cannot risk compromising the long established links between terror groups and the security agencies.

Ex-CIA intelligence officer, Bob Ayers said, “The government may want to explore connections with the Mumbai terrorists, but the intelligence community is going to be unwilling to pursue those investigations because as we know there are links between some people in the Pakistani intelligence services and some of the terrorist groups.”

Pakistani diplomats appear to be preparing the ground for it. Islamabad's envoy in London indirectly blamed elements in India for the Mumbai attacks.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to UK Wajid Shamsul Hassan said, “Extremists within India have been involved because on November 22, 2008 there were some elements within India as well.

The Mumbai attacks, added Hassan had another aim, i.e to derail the peace process.

“I’m not saying there were no elements in Pakistan, but am saying that India did not want the peace process to continue. The first victims were the peace talks. Why did India stop the peace process? They stopped due to their own reasons, the elections or something else."

Pakistan's blame-game machinery seems to be running on as though it is automatically programmed.

It's leaders continue to blame India for Mumbai and some drag India’s name now for the Lahore attacks.

The scenario doesn't look promising for an investigation and not at all set for a logical conclusion.