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Mar 05, 2009 at 04:32pm IST

Pak cops left us to be sitting ducks: Broad

Manchester: International Cricket Council (ICC) Match Referee for Sri Lanka-Pakistan series Chris Broad has lashed out at Pakistani authorities for Tuesday's terror attack.

Broad, who returned to Manchester in England on Wednesday, said the security promised to the cricketers just disappeared when they came under fire just outside Lahore's Gadaffi Stadium.

"I have three emotions going through my body at the moment. The first one is obviously shock. I like many people naively thought that there was no way that terrorists would attack cricket. Unfortunately that has changed and cricket has to do something about that. We have to try and put that right," said Broad.

"The other emotion is sadness. Sadness for the injured and the killed," the ICC Match Referee said.

Board then went on to slam the Pakistani authorities and security personnel for the attack claiming that the security was not at all adequate.

"My third emotion is anger. Anger at the Pakistani security forces. After the incident when we were able to see television pictures you can clearly see that white van that we were in next to white ambulance middle of this roundabout with terrorists shooting past our van and sometimes into our van and not a sign of a policeman anywhere," the former England player said.

He then added that the players and match officials were just sitting ducks when the terrorists attacked.

"They (security personnel) had clearly gone, left the scene and left us to be sitting ducks. So I am extremely angry that we were promised high level security and in our hour of need that security vanished. We were left just open to any thing and any issues that the terrorists wanted," Broad added.

The driver of the van in which Broad and match umpires were travelling was killed and fourth umpire Ehsan Raza.

Broad has been hailed as a hero for his role in saving Raza from certain death when he jumped on top of the umpire to protect him after he was wounded.

Broad, a former England opener is the father of current England player Stuart and described the incident as the most frightening incident of his life.

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