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Dec 25, 2007 at 03:05pm IST

Pak uses US aid to get weapons against India'

New Delhi: Pakistan has diverted billions of dollars in American military aid given to fight terrorism, to get weapons used against India.

A New York Times investigative report quoted officials in Washington saying much of the American aid is not reaching frontline Pakistani units. The money is being given to revamp the Pakistani military to help it in campaigns against Al-Qaeda and pro-Taliban groups in the North West Frontier.

Bush administration officials believe that Pakistan is inflating $5 billion in reimbursement bills for fuel and ammunition. It is also reported that a part of the money is being used to buy internal political support for President Musharraf. A significant portion is for buying weapon systems to counter India.

The diversion is easy because Pakistan is not required to show how the money is being spent. However, Islamabad says the allegations have no basis and the US continues to refuse the sale of surveillance, attack helicopters and radio sets crucial in the war against terrorism.

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