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Oct 26, 2009 at 09:47pm IST

India funding Taliban: Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan is now accusing India of funding the Taliban militants, Online news agency reported on Monday.

The Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik, when asked during an TV interview about who was backing the Taliban, said, "There are certain hostile elements against Pakistan and there are certain hostile agencies which do not want Pakistan to be (stabilised)."

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In response to a question on whether India was among the hostile agencies, Malik said, "Yes, of course, I am convinced. I have no doubt about it. I was very open. I have given the full details.

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: The Pakistani minister says he is ready to share details with Indian ministers at any forum.

"If the interior minister of India or anyone else wants to confront me, I will be very happy to confront them because I know what I am saying," he added.

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Malik had said last week that Pakistan had "solid evidence" of India's involvement in fomenting unrest in Balochistan province and he was ready to share it with Indian ministers or representatives at any forum of their choice.

"I invite their interior minister or anyone else (to come to Pakistan) and I will put on record all the material about India's interference in Balochistan. I'll prove it to the world," he had said.

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