'Paradesi' is raw and rustic, says Vedhika

Aug 11, 2012 at 07:11pm IST

Bala's every film varies entirely from the other, however, his signature will be stamped all over the style of his screenplays. His next, 'Paradesi' starring Atharva, Vedhika and Dhansika is said to throw light on the lives of tea leaf pickers and those who involve in tea plantation and the day to day tussles they fight.

'Paradesi' is set in the 1930s, pre-independence era and Atharva will be seen sans make up whilst Vedhika's look and character will be the surprise element in the film. Vedhika says, "I've never done a role like this before and it was difficult to play but that's what makes 'Paradesi' special. Its a raw and a rustic film reflecting reality".

The film's music that's composed by GV Prakash will be unveiled at London on September 19. 'Paradesi' has been scheduled for a worldwide Tamil-Telugu release in coming October.

'Paradesi' is raw and rustic, says Vedhika

Bala's 'Paradesi', starring Atharva, Vedhika and Dhansika, is said to throw light on the lives of tea leaf pickers.


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