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Jan 13, 2009 at 01:34pm IST

Parents find missing daughter in a temple

Amritsar: In a bizarre turnaround of fate, a mother found her seven-year old daughter — she had lost over a year ago — begging at a temple in Amritsar.

Little Priya was reunited with her parents after she was spotted by her relatives with a begging bowl at the temple. A year back, Priya got separated from her parents in a crowd at the Shaheed Sahib Gurudwara in Amritsar.

The girl says she was taken away by a gang of child lifters and forced into begging.

“Our relatives went to Model Town to worship and found Priya begging. We reached there immediately and saw our daughter begging. We called her name Priya she heard us and came and hugged us,” Priya’s mother Rajrani says.

Her father Sukhdev Singh is now seeking a probe into the matter.

“We are very happy and grateful to the police for bringing our daughter back. Strict investigations should take place because you never know whose child will be found,” Singh says.

The innocent girl was tortured by the gang members and beaten until she memorised the tricks of the trade.

“I used to beg, saying ‘Give me Rs 4 or Rs 2,’” Priya says.

Meanwhile, police have taken an elderly woman named Jeeto into custody. Priya identified her as the one who forced her to beg. But Jeeto says that she had got the girl treated for an eye injury and was with her since then.

“This girl had an eye injury and no one was there to take care of her, so I took care of her all this while,” Jeeto says.

Police are questioning Jeeto to get into the bottom of the case.

“We've arrested the lady and apart from that we're investigating as to how did this happen and whether the begging happens on a bigger scale as well,” Station House Officer (SHO), Thana Civil Line, Davinder Singh, says.

But for now, Priya and her parents are thanking their blessings in the New Year for finally being together again.

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