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Jun 20, 2007 at 10:01am IST

Pune kids released, parents party

Pune: The Pune Police on Wednesday released about 100 of the 271 people it arrested in a pre-dawn raid on a rave party in the city on Sunday.

Police also said that they would release those in custody in batches later on Wednesday. Of those arrested from the party, allegedly organised by suspected international drug peddlers, six of them were released on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, it was an emotional moment for the parents whose children were released on Wednesday. Though they were happy to see their children again, the embarrassment caused was unwished for.

One of the accused's parent confessed that the police action would be a deterrent for many youngsters across the country.

"It is an eye opener for all of us for entire India. I would also like to say that don’t punish them so much as parent we have taken a lot to raise them. We don't want them to become hard core criminals and be treated like them,” said S B Mahmood.

All the 271 accused will have to report to court every 15 days, till the police file the final chargesheet. As of now, police is awaiting urine and blood samples of all the accused and only those who had the psychotropic chemical contents will be prosecuted and may face up to one year of rigorous imprisonment.

But while police are investigating the possible involvement of international drug peddling mafia, another side of story is also fast gaining ground.

Many – including the parents of some of the arrested youths – contend that police raided the party and arrested the youngsters only for “policing glory”.

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