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Jun 18, 2007 at 10:21am IST

Parents turn pimps, sell girls in AP

Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh): Young girls are being sold for as little as Rs 12,000 in Rajahmundry and turned into sex slaves. And the people selling and forcing them into flesh trade are their parents.

A CNN-IBN Special Investigation uncovered the racket by meeting brokers, promising money and fixing deals for ‘delivery’ of girls. After many delays and cancelled appointments, the CNN-IBN team met D Nirmala, who wanted to sell her daughter like cattle.

“If you want there are two more girls. They are my daughter's friends I’ll speak to them and get them in a day or two. They are good looking too but they are right now out of town,” Nirmala said.

Chinna Rao wanted to sell his two daughters and claimed to be an expert in the ‘family business’. “I have two daughters, I have sent my elder one to Pune, and I have a niece whom I have been taking care off since her childhood. She is a little taller than my daughter,” said Rao, who is accompanied by two brokers to help fix the deal.

“You can take along the girls for 10 days if it is to Hyderabad. But if it is to Pune, Mumbai or Goa it can be longer, provided you give us the right price,” said Rao.

After haggling, broker Erra Apparao finalised the deal. “You said Rs 12,000 and Rs 10,000. Chinna Rao got angry when you said Rs 10,000. So, let me say the final price; neither you nor they should object to it. Give each of them Rs 12,000, that's it,” said Apparao.

The moment the final amount is announced, the daughter sellers break into smiles. K Nageshwara Rao, the second broker, used the opportunity to boast of his talents.


“Next time, you don't have to come here. I'll bring you first class girls to your feet. I'll bring them to Hyderabad. Ask Gopi Krishna in Vijayawada; I have been doing this for him for the last five years. Only the first time he came to me, from then on he calls and tells me his requirement and I'll send him the best lot,” said Nageshwara.

Chinna Rao was to get Rs 12,000 and the brokers Rs 2,000 each, but as soon as they pocketed the money the police pounced on them as CNN-IBN had tipped off authorities.

A recent study by the National Human Rights Commission says that Andhra Pradesh has become a hub the trafficking of minor girls. And in more than 80 per cent of the cases it is their parents who push them into flesh trade.

The CNN-IBN expose rescued two girls but there are many more children who are waiting to be rescued

(With camerapersons Venkatesh and Raju in Rajahmundry)

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