Jun 16, 2007 at 09:06am IST

Party no bar for law upholder Maya

New Delhi: The message from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati is clear - party is no bar. When BSP Lok Sabha MP Umakant Yadav went to meet Mayawati to clarify the allegation against him - that he and his son had nothing to do with a land grabbing case - Mayawati refused to listen.

Instead, it was on Mayawati's order that Yadav was arrested from her residence. Ironically he was there trying to defend himself before her when the police were called.

The charge against the MP from Machlishahar is that both he and his son had tried to grab land in Azamgarh district.

"I had gone to meet Mayawati but, was arrested there itself," says Yadav.

Mayawati's promptness is understandable for fingers have been pointed at Mayawati over the fact that at least eight ministers in her Cabinet have criminal cases pending against them.

In fact, Anand Sen, was included in her Cabinet even while he was behind bars.

Says DGP Lucknow, GL Sharma, "The MP has already been suspended from the party."

Yadav's arrest helps Mayawati score brownie points. Riding high on her thumping victory, Mayawati made it clear that unlike the Mulayam government , hers would maintain law and order and that there was no place for crime in her Raj.

But the question is, will Mayawati be able to keep pace with the rules she herself has spelt out? One can just wait and watch.

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