Jul 13, 2012 at 09:16pm IST

Pavanayi: Storming back to screen after 25 years

Twenty-five years back he came with some ultrasophisticated tactics to kill the reputed CID agents Dasan and Vijayan but unfortunately got drowned in the deep sea.

Keraliites laughed their heart out seeing this hilarious villain who walked into the frame in a suede leather jacket donning a cowboy hat and gloves .

Yes! Our ‘Pavanayi’ is back to Kerala from Ireland through his new outing ‘Pavanayi 99.99’.

Pavanayi: Storming back to screen after 25 years

Keraliites laughed their heart out seeing this hilarious villain who walked into the frame cowboy look.

One must be doubtful as to how ‘Pavanayi’ is back, as he dies at the end in ‘Naadodikaatu’ but the comic villain clarifies, “How can a mastermind like ‘Pavanayi’ die merely in deep sea? He knows swimming and escapes from the water and settles down in Ireland. He is called back when his expertise is needed by the Kodan brothers.” ‘Pavanayi’ the baddie who altered the concept of villains, was made memorable by the acting finesse of Captain Raju.

He will be playing Pavanayi again in the new movie but the funny villain’s responsibility is doubled as he is also directing and writing the story of ‘Pavanayi 99.99’.

“People still relate me with my character as Pavanayi and love me for that. ‘Pavanayi 99.99’ is not a sequel to ‘Nadodikattu’. I have just taken out the character and woven a different story with it,” says Captain Raju.

“The new film is a full-length comedy film. Roopak and Nishak will do the script. I am indebted to Satyan Anthikad and Sreenivasan for giving me Pavanayi’s character.” Captain has already done 500 films, asked whether ‘Pavanayi’ is the character that is close to his heart, he says, “Though ‘Pavanayi’ gave me a break in the industry, my character in ‘Raktham’ always stays close to my heart as it is my debut film.

"This is Captain’s second directorial outing after ‘Etha Oru Snehagadha’ in 1997 and ask him about the long gap, he says, “Everything takes its own time.

My first film was not an intentional move, it just happened but the story for my second film was there in my mind for long and by God’s grace the right time is now,” says Captain Raju .

Captain Raju began his career in military at the age of 21.

“Film was always my passion and it was for that love that I left military. Though I am a hardcore patriot, I do not believe in killing.

I want to live my remaining life getting involved in social activities,” says Raju, a non-smoker and also the ambassador for anti-tobacco campaign in Kochi.

Asked him about where he got the passion for acting, he says, “Rajendra Prasad, my childhood friend owned the then Venugopal talkies.

Now it is Anurag and Aishwara Theatres in Pathanamthitta.

We both used to watch every movie that was released there.

I literally grew up watching MGR, Satyan master, Prem Nazeer sir, Madhu sir’s movies.

” Captain Raju says that at that time his towering figure was considered not suitable to play hero and as many others, he too had to start as a villain.

“I have never gone begging for characters. Whatever character came my way I whole heartedly accepted that,” says Captain Raju who adds he actually hated doing rape or other abuse scenes.

Ask the actor, who has been in the industry for 31 years, about the new wave in Mollywood and he says “It is the golden era of our industry. New subjects are coming up. People are watching films irrespective of the starcast. New actors are welcomed.

And that is why I opted to rope in N N Pillai’s grand son Dev Devan and Pinky (daughter of artistes Babu and Ponamma Babu) for my new film,” says Raju.