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Feb 08, 2013 at 10:16am IST

Penguin debuts a new self-publishing imprint, Partridge, in India

New Delhi: Here's some great news for upcoming writers in India, Penguin Books India has announced the introduction of its new venture Partridge, a new self-publishing imprint launched in partnership with Author Solutions, Inc. Partridge will provide new opportunities for Indian authors to get published and discovered, both in India and around the world.

Speaking to IBNLive about the new venture CEO of Penguin India Andrew Phillips said that India is the perfect place to begin this all-new, exciting venture, as India has many upcoming and successful writers. He added that Partridge will also offer high quality services and the product will be priced appropriately for the Indian market.

Partridge will publish children's books, commercial fiction and non-fiction and family histories. Patriadge offers a wide range of professional editorial, publishing and marketing services that enable them to get their books published and distributed in both digital and print formats.

Penguin debuts a new self-publishing imprint in India

Partridge will publish children's books, commercial fiction and non-fiction and family histories.

Aspiring authors can chose from a range of publishing packages that include services such as: editing, design, E-book formatting, print formatting, distribution, publicity and marketing. The CEO added that with the zest that's India has for literature they expect self-publishing to soon become a flourishing market that will expand further. As there is a genuine enthusiasm about this giant leap and the response already is positive.

Partridge clearly states screening of content at their end. Phillips says, 'there will be a strict eye' on what's passed on for publishing under this brand name. It will be ensured that any offensive, defamatory, pornographic or inappropriate content is not published. Penguin acquired Author Solutions Inc to take advantage of the rapidly growing self-publishing segment. And the CEO with much confidence says, "I have no doubt that Partridge will be a huge success."