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Dec 27, 2011 at 05:08pm IST

Anna refuses to end fast, calls for right to reject

New Delhi: On the first day of his 3-day long fast, Anna Hazare on Tuesday said his Team will campaign against the government in all the five poll bound states.

"Government is betraying us. I will campaign against the government in 5 poll-bound states. It's time for us to make sacrifice and fight against corruption," Anna said.

Within an hour of Anna Hazare begining his three-day fast, his prominent supporters Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi appealed to him to end the hunger strike taking into consideration his ill health but the activist remained adamant on continuing his protest.

Doctors who examined Anna said that his condition is stable.

"His pulse is 84 today and Blood Pressure is 86. Only thing is that he has got slight fever, of 100 degrees. Bedsides that, everything is normal. He travelled from Raelgan Siddhi to Mumbai, a long journey. It's very hot in the morning. So, fever could be due to that also," they said.

"From past 3 days I am not having food. Doctors say I am having temperature today. I have decided to sacrifice my life to my nation. I am fighting against corruption from last 25 years. I am not feared of death," Anna said.

"Elections are coming. We should campaign against the government in all the 5 states where elections are scheduled," he added.

"Government has no right for acquisition of land from farmers, they should first take permission from Gram Sabha. People sitting in Parliament are culprits. Goondas are coming to politics," the activist said.

On the democratic values, he said, "Parliament is elected by people. People are supreme. We are the owners of this country. We elect the MPs and MLAs for this nation. Will fight for Right to Reject now."

Anna said he has also invited Baba Ramdev to join his fast.

"Government has betrayed us for money and power. They have done this to Ramdev Baba too. I have invited Ramdev to join us and fight with us. He will come tomorrow or day after tomorrow to fight with us against corruption."

Earlier, Team Anna members requested Anna Hazare to call off the fast.

"He has fever, let us request him to stop his fast. Anna can continue his dharna," Bedi said addressing supporters at the MMRDA ground where Hazare was sitting on fast.

The 74-year-old activist was suffering from viral infection and his personal assistant Suresh Pathare had been insisting that Hazare was well and he will be sitting on fast.

"Anna is unwell. Will you request Anna to withdraw his fast?" Bedi asked the crowd, which responded with a loud "Yes".

However, Hazare, looking quite under the weather, waved his hand in a gesture of "No".

Kejriwal and another close aide Manish Sisodia also requested Hazare to end his fast.

Hazare, who has been suffering from cold and mild fever for the past three days, reached the grounds at around 12:30 PM after a rally from the guest house where he was staying to the ground which took over two-and-half hours.

"He is a little weak as of now, but will be fit to fast from tomorrow. His blood pressure and other vital parameters are normal. He has got a little cough and cold but he is getting better," his doctor DG Pote had said.

The activist has been under medication for the past three days, he said.

Bedi said Hazare had not eaten for two days. "He has not taken medicines because to take antibiotics you need to eat," she said and appealed to Hazare to break the fast.

Arvind Kejriwal, another prominent Team Anna member, said they have been urging the activist to break his fast since he is not well.

"But Anna says he will speak about it in his speech later," Kejriwal said, adding that other key members of Hazare's team including Manish Sisodia and Kumar Vishwas were also fasting with the anti-graft crusader.

(With additional inputs from PTI)

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