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May 08, 2012 at 09:49am IST

PMK paints Anbumani as future CM

MAHABALIPURAM: Pattali Makkal Katchi leaders painted Anbumani Ramadoss, son of the party founder S Ramadoss, as the Chief Ministerial candidate for the next State Assembly election due in 2016, during the Chithirai Full Moon Vanniyar Youth Festival, here on Saturday night.
Almost all functionaries, including GK Mani, AK Moorthy and R Velu during their invocations anointed Anbumani as the CM candidate and called for the support of the entire community to this effect.
Vanniyar Sangam president ‘Kaduvetti’ J Guru began with saying that the State should be ruled by a Vanniyar for the larger good of the community. Charging the Dravidian Movement’s crusade against casteism, Guru claimed that it had led to the loss of caste orientation among the community.
As the party founder savoured the speeches promoting his son as the future CM, Guru observed that the party would go it alone in the general election and the Assembly election by using the achievements of Anbumani as Union Minister.
Anbumani, in a tone of acceptance and imitating Martin Luther King, said that he has a dream that no Vanniyan should live in a hut or in hunger. “No Vanniyan should be uneducated and unemployed and all Vanniyars should live with integrity,” he said. Employing rhetoric, he went on to say why a Vanniyan should become the CM of the State.
He observed that there was no social justice in the judiciary, with reference to the appointment of the High Court Judges. He pointed out that there were 54 HC Judges of which there was only one was from this community. “Are our advocates unfit to become a judge?” Anbumani asked.