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Aug 31, 2007 at 11:39pm IST

Police search in Hyderabad madrassas sparks row

Hyderabad: Madrassas functioning in Hyderabad are now being questioned by the police. In the last two days, police teams visited at least 10 leading madrassas seeking details. The madrassas have opposed the idea.

Over 200 madrassas in Hyderabad could soon have some unexpected visitors - police officers looking, sources say, for a Bangladeshi man named Mujibur Rehman, suspected of being involved in the twin blasts.

The police have already visited 10 leading madrassas seeking details of teachers and students. The madrassas visited include the Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom, the Jamia Anwar-ul-Huda and a girls' madrassas, Jamia Aisha Niswaan.

Secretary of the madrassas Moulana Raheemuddin Ansari said, “They did not explain us what they are trying to probe. Next day they came again and we gave them the entire records like photos and admission form details. They noted down all the names and said the list would be sent to the Centre and it would matched with the list of suspects who will be arrested later."

Sources say the police take a printed questionnaire with them, which includes a question about the source of funding – something the madrassas are particularly offended by.

Angry officials of the Deeni Madrassa Board, the representative body of madrassas in Andhra Pradesh, met Chief Minister Y S R Reddy on Friday. But they say they are ready to cooperate.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board General Secretary Moulana Raheem Qureshi said, “We do not want to hide anything. We're transparent. Everything is open, if they want to inspect, they can come in working hours and see the students, teachers, records and everything."

The Chief Minister reportedly told the Muslim leaders that he don't want to interfere in the ongoing investigation and therefore, he can't prevent the police from visiting madrassas.

But he assured that all such visits would be made during the daytime. This gives a clear message that madrassas in Hyderabad are under scanner.

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