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Jul 21, 2007 at 12:20am IST

Police stations Himachal Pradesh to be computerised

New Delhi: As part of the modernisation programme, the Himachal Pradesh government is set to computerise six police stations in Kangra district.

This will help the complainants to get a digital copy of the FIRs, a senior district police officer said on Friday.

Earlier, nine police stations in Shimla, Solan and Bilaspur were computerised under Common Integrated Police Application scheme in the state.

COMP ON: It would help trace details of an accused by sharing faster information, say the police.

The six police stations selected for computerisation under the scheme are Dharamsala, Nurpur, Kangra, Dehra, Palampur and Jwalamukhi, Superintendent of Police Gyaneshwar Singh told reporters.

The SP said all the police stations of the district would be computerised in phases.

Counting virtues of the computerisation of police stations, Singh said it would help trace details of an accused by sharing faster information among police stations.

Every police station would be provided with four computers, the SP added.

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