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Apr 01, 2008 at 01:14am IST

Mum Police dont know who drove Air India bus

Mumbai: The death of an airport employee after being hit by a speeding airport coach at Mumbai's international airport early on Sunday morning is now throwing up larger questions about security at airports.

The intriguing factor for the police as well as the investigating authorities is who was driving the coach? With an automatic button start and not requiring a key for ignition, it could have been driven by just about anyone with an access to the apron area.

“The bus was overspeeding much beyond limits and lost control,” stated Cambatta Aviation employee, Rakesh Tiwari.

That is an aspect that's given the probe a varying angle the bus was speeding towards the Kenya airplane KQ202. The trolley crates midway prevented it from reaching the fully-fuelled airplane, thus preventing a catastrophe.

But was that the real intention? Was it a simple accident or an attempted sabotage? And if it was a simple accident, why has the police not been able to locate the driver of the vehicle?

"We are looking at all the possible angles and also collecting all evidence. The matter is under pending investigation," said Senior Police Inspector Dilip Patil.

Even as the police have registered a criminal case owing to the death, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation as well as the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security continue with their own independent probe to ascertain the truth. Fortunately, security too has been beefed up inside the airport.

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