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Feb 03, 2007 at 08:10pm IST

Politicians discuss Cauvery dispute

Bangalore: Politicians, cutting across party lines, put aside their political differences to attend the all party meet to discuss the much-awaited judgement to be delivered by the Cauvery Water Disputes tribunal on Monday.

Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy made no bones about the fact that it was an issue that the people of the state would fight for.

"At that time, I request the citizens of the state that we must fight for our demands. We must adopt the mantra that Mahatma Gandhi adopted in his life to bring freedom to the country to fight for our demands," says Kumaraswamy.

Leader of the Opposition in the legislative assembly, Dharam Singh, said that he will give full support to the Chief Minister on this issue. "We will give full co-operation as it is a state issue," he said.

The sharing of the Cauvery waters has been a sensitive issue with Bangalore witnessing violent protests in the past.

While the administration will be deploying extra security forces around the city on Monday, the home minister has also made an appeal.

"We have passed a resolution in this all party meeting that all parties will co-operate with regard to the protection of the state. We call all citizens to abide by this and also ask media not to exaggerate the situation or in the interest of state," says Home Minister of Karnataka M P Prakash.

Experts had predicted that the wars of the 21st century will be fought over water. However, water can just as easily be a catalyst for cooperation.

Maybe Monday's long-awaited verdict will in some measure help tide over a crisis that has divided two states along more than just geographical lines.

(With Shweta Ganesh Kumar)