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Jan 24, 2011 at 11:58am IST

Politicians most corrupt in India: Poll

New Delhi: The CNN-IBN-Outlook State of the Nation poll on corruption in the run up to Republic Day does nor bring good news for the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government.

The poll has found Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to have been rather weak in his tackling of the numerous scams and corruption cases that the UPA -II has been facing.

The corruption-hit UPA is facing an image crisis and 57 per cent say they are totally unsatisfied with the way Manmohan Singh has handled corruption cases.

According to 32 per cent of the respondents the Congress is the most corrupt party. But politicians across the board are the target of public anger with 66 per cent saying politicians are the most corrupt in our society and 52 per cent say no political party can tackle corruption.

Yet citizens are yearning for honesty in politics with 72 per cent saying that a clean politician who can't get a job done is preferable to a corrupt politician who can get a job done.

So this Republic Day public anger against corruption is at an all time high.

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