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May 21, 2008 at 06:15pm IST

Poll: Hillary wins Kentucky, but Obama leadin

New Delhi: Senator Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic primary in Kentucky, but Obama is close to crossing the threshold as he requires just 14 more delegates to be on top of the race.

"Tonight we have achieved an important victory. It's not just Kentucky bluegrass that's music to my ears, it's the sound of your overwhelming vote of confidence even in the face of some pretty tough odds," said Hillary.

Obama is expected to pick up at least 14 delegates in Kentucky that will give him 1,627 of the 3,253 pledged delegates at stake in all of primaries and caucuses.

However, neither candidate is expected to reach the 2,026 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination. Which means the race is likely to be settled by superdelegates, where party leaders and officials will cast votes at the Democratic convention in August.

In Kentucky a majority of voters were white who supported Hillary while a small nine per cent of African-American voters supported Obama.

Barak Obama is the favourite in Oregon, where a CNN poll indicates that he has a lead of 10 percentage points. Oregon's primary is a mail-in only contest.

In the primaries so far, Obama has secured more of the delegates who will choose the party's nominee at the Democratic National Convention.

With very few delegates still to be won, it is unlikely that Hillary can catch up with him.