Mar 05, 2012 at 07:52pm IST

Polls 2012: UP tops in cash seizures, Punjab in drugs

New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh saw the maximum amount of cash being seized during restrictions imposed in the run up to the assembly elections in five states, while Punjab topped the seizures for drugs and illicit liquor.

Rs 37.46 crore in cash was seized in Uttar Pradesh during polls, accounting for 72 per cent of the cash seizures.

Huge quantities of drugs were seized in border state of Punjab which included smack, opium and poppy husk and also illegal liquor meant for use during polls.

Polls: UP tops in cash seizures, Punjab in drugs

Rs 37.46 crore in cash was seized in UP during polls, accounting for 72 per cent of the cash seizures.

Uttar Pradesh also topped in the number of cases registered during polls by accounting for over 80 per cent of the total 4,364 FIRs lodged in all the five states.

While UP had the maximum of 3,507 FIRs registered for seizures of cash and arms, besides violation of model code of conduct, Punjab had 368 cases registered and Manipur 227, with 138 cases registered in Goa and another 124 in Uttarakhand.

Among the total cash seizures of Rs 52.02 crore made during polls, Punjab accounted for Rs 12.13 crores, Uttarakhand Rs 1.36 crore, while Goa had only Rs 60 lakh and Manipur Rs 47 lakh.

Recovery of 7.73 lakh litres of illegal liquor apparently for use to lure voters during polls was also made, with Punjab and Uttar Pradesh making similar recoveries of 3.57 lakh litres and 3.56 lakh litres (almost 46 per cent each) of the contraband.

With surveillance on movement of drugs in Punjab, Manipur and Uttar Pradesh with the help of Narcotics Control Bureau and BSF during the polls, the maximum recovery of 53.5 kg of Heroin worth several crores of rupees was from Punjab alone.

Of the total 58.01 kg, recoveries in Manipur were only 3.8 kg and in UP they were 0.82 kg.

Punjab also had the maximum recovery of 3.79 kg of smack during polls, while UP had 2.02 kg, out of a total recovery of 5.809 kg. Besides, a total of 102.944 kg of Opium was also seized in Punjab, and another 2707.6 kg of poppy husk.

A total of 104.5 kg of poppy husk and 144.38 kg of ganja were also recovered from Uttar Pradesh.

While a total of 10.01 lakh drug tablets were recovered during these polls, Punjab accounted for the maximum of 9.94 lakh and UP only 6,765 and Manipur 360 tablets. 88,296 capsules were also seized from Punjab.

Of a total of 32.85 kg of drug Powder recovered, Punjab accounted for maximum of 22.80 kg and UP 10.05 kg.

Among the seizure of a total of 5,705 illegal arms during polls, Uttar Pradesh accounted for almost 98 per cent of them with 5,577 seized from the state during polls.

Another 75 were seized from Punjab and Manipur 30, while Uttarakhand had 16 and Goa only 7.

Of the 9,292 illegal ammunitions seized, maximum of 8227 were seized from UP, 777 from Manipur and 269 from Punjab, while Goa had only 19.

A total of 9.05 lakh arms were deposited ahead of polls, which is 62.84 per cent of the total licensed arms in the five states.

In Uttar Pradesh, 6.58 lakh arms were deposited which is 61.21 p er cent of the total, while in Punjab 2.18 lakh arms were deposited which is 73.78 per cent of the total.

Uttarakhand had total of 23,795 arms deposited, which was 48.41 per cent of the total licenced arms in the state, while in Goa 100 per cent arms - 4,596 - were deposited and in Manipur only 617 arms were deposited, which is 3.89 per cent of the total.