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Dec 08, 2011 at 12:02pm IST

Pooja Misrra gets a cold reception in Bigg Boss

Mumbai: The most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 5, Pooja Misrra is back in the show. Misrra was asked to leave the show after a series of loud spats with other housemates. Her violent and unpredictable behavior irked everyone in the house. Now she has entered the show again as the translator of cricketer Andrew Symonds.

Nothing like 'fairness' exists in Bigg Boss. Pooja Misrra was punished by Bigg Boss for talking too much in English, does she really deserves to be a translator. Undoubtedly she added a lot of 'masala' to the show and that is why she is being brought back.

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Innovative Misrra knows all the tactics of grabbing eyeballs. Misrra made a re-entry in Bigg Boss while dressed as a joker. Siddharth was extremely shocked to see her and walked out of the room. Juhi said hello to Pooja but maintained a safe distance from her. Amar and Mahek maintained their fake smiles, while Akash hugged her.

Pooja Misrra gets a cold reception in Bigg Boss

Pooja Misrra and Siddharth

In previous seasons of Bigg Boss, Dolly Bindra and Kamaal R Khan were also asked to leave the show. However, to encash on their controversial image, Bigg Boss brought them back.

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Now Misrra will stay in Bigg Boss until Andrew's eviction. She is just a translator and is sparred from the nomination process. Misrra thinks that Bigg Boss was unfair to her as the other contestants were even more violent than her. Tagged abusive and druggie, Misrra was extremely upset after being evicted. Now she wants to clean up her image in front of everyone.

Going by her Bigg Boss journey, being nice and friendly seems like an impossible task for Pooja Misrra. Let’s see what she has in mind now. Catch all the action on Bigg Boss tonight...

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Thanks to the latest jailer-prisoner task given by Bigg Boss, all the contestants are having a tough time. The gang of prisoners, Mahek, Akash, Amar and Sunny are making all possible efforts to steal the keys. Right from fooling Shonali, Sid and Juhi to taking advantage of Sunny’s sickness, they have done it all.

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Juhi, Akash, Shonali and Sunny were even seen sobbing after a series of heated arguments on day 66. Mahek and Amar just want to win the task and are unaffected by all the drama.

Mahek, Akash, Sid and Shonali are nominated for eviction this week.

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