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Apr 05, 2007 at 01:38am IST

Sachin, Viru clones' cup of woes

Mumbai: India's exit from the Cricket World Cup race has not only affected the country but also the lookalikes of India's famous players.

India's performance may not have affected anyone as personally as it has affected Balbir Chand, the Sachin Tendulkar lookalike who has never had it this bad.

India's failure at the World Cup has affected this man's bank loan for a one-room apartment. How? Well, Sachin's poor performance has led to Balbir losing out on some commercials.

"I dreamt of buying a flat in Mumbai. I got many calls because World Cup is a lucrative time for me. But with India's loss all my dreams have crashed,” Balbir Chand laments.

Life's not any better for Jeevan Sharma who says being a Virendra Sehwag lookalike is no longer an advantage.

"In Mumbai I compered many shows, now with the team performing badly, most shows have been cancelled,” Jeevan Sharma complains.

Now, with India's loss these lookalikes are left with venting their sorrows in poetry and looking for greener pastures.