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Sep 20, 2013 at 12:27pm IST

Potholes menace: Bangalore still reeling under broken, beaten roads

Bangalore: The I-T city of India, Bangalore, is still reeling under broken and beaten roads. The city which was lashed by heavy rains last week is witnessing potholes again. Even after extending deadlines on two occasions, the government is unable to fix the roads.

The first casualty of rains is the city's badly maintained roads and it has slowed down Bangalore quite a bit. A traffic inspector says a traffic jam that used to take an hour to clear now takes as much as three hours.

A helpless traffic police has put up barricades to shut off bad stretches, but that has not made much of a difference.

"The situation is not bad, it's the worst," says a woman lawyer.

"We are very angry as the situation has worsened. So many days have passed but nothing has been done," another commuter who drives a motorcycle says.

The temporary patch-ups done by the civic authorities do not last long and the city corporation claims it is helpless. "We have to wait for the rains to end. We cannot do anything," Bangalore Mayor BS Sathyanarayana says.

In a month, scientists from Bangalore will send up a rocket to Mars, but civic authorities will have the city dwellers believe that they do not have a technology to repair the roads.

It is clear there is not much accountability. One of the city roads was asphalted just last month but now sports gaping holes.

"We will take action against that engineer. We can blacklist the contractor," Sathyanarayana says.

Even as two deadlines to patch up potholes have elapsed and a fresh deadline has been issued by the government, the people continue to suffer.