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Sep 24, 2006 at 03:06pm IST

Powell disqualified from Japan race

Yokohama: World record holder Asafa Powell's remarkable season ended on a flat note when the Jamaican was disqualified before his 100 metres race in Japan on Sunday.

Powell had been on a 23-race winning streak but was denied the opportunity to extend that run in Yokohama after making the second false start.

Russian Andrey Yepishin had left the blocks too quickly moments earlier. Under IAAF rules, any athlete responsible for a second false start is disqualified.

RUN CUT SHORT: Powell had been on a 23-race winning streak.

"I'm very disappointed," Powell said.

"After the first false start the only thing going through my mind was to be patient. I guess I was a little bit too anxious. I never thought this would happen. It makes me a little upset but that's how it goes."

Japan's Shingo Suetsugu profited from Powell's misfortune, winning the race in a modest time of 10.12 seconds with national team mate Naoki Tsukahara second in 10.26.

Australia's Patrick Johnson finished third in the same time as Tsukahara. Powell has had an electrifying year, racking up 12 legal sub-10 second runs and equalling his own world record of 9.77 seconds in June.

The 23-year-old promised to make up for his disappointing first appearance in Japan at next year's world championships in Osaka.

"Next year I have a second chance to run in Japan so I will make sure I'm in very good shape and will run fast," said Powell. "Now I'll get some rest and prepare well for next year."