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Dec 04, 2007 at 04:04pm IST

Don't substitute food with power bars:Experts

New Delhi If you’re running late or having a busy day, quick fix solutions for food always come in handy.

Various energy drinks are available in the market and they are supposed to give you that extra boost to get through your day, but how safe are they? Here are some facts about quick fix energy boosters:

Energy boosters provide an easy and much needed source of energy, but they’re not for everyone. It is actually physical trainers who recommend energy boosting drinks post a workout.

They are ideal for people who are involved in strenuous activities because they are the ones who burn the most calories and need replenishment.

Nutritionist, Shikha Sharma says, “Energy boosters are definitely not a substitute for food. In fact, they load you with unnecessary calories, because exertion is less for us than athletes.”

Also, all the nutrients present in them are usually in the simplified or pre-digested form, so the body does not use any effort to digest them.

Another drawback of energy bars is that they tend to get addictive. The sudden rush of stamina and activity tend to keep you hooked on.

Shikha Sharma also adds, “There are other quick, healthy bites you can stock up on for those rushed days. Fresh limewater with adequate salt and sugar is one, and the best things to snack upon are fruits.”

You can take your pick of apples or oranges. Most fruits are good sources of nutrients, fiber and natural sugars, which assist in elevating energy levels.

Since a power bar doesn't give you more energy than a banana and some of these products may not give the body the energy it needs, you can eat some yogurt and get just as much benefit as from some really expensive power drink.