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Feb 08, 2008 at 09:39pm IST

PPP rejects British findings in Benazir death

New Delhi: The Pakistan People Party (PPP) supporters are rejecting the findings of Scotland yard over the case of their slain leader Benazir Bhutto. According to agency reports, they say the former prime minister succumbed to bomb blast injuries, and not gun shot wounds.

The British investigators echoed the Pakistani government's initial assessment that Benazir died of a head injury sustained when her head struck the escape hatch of her car.

“The cause of the fatal head injury is that it occurred as a result of the impact due to effects of the bomb blast,” Additional IG CID Abdul Majid was quoted as saying.

The Yard says a lone gunman standing near the rear of Bhutto's car fired at her, but in the absence of a postmortem, CT scan or X-ray report, it could not conclusively say whether Bhutto sustained gun shot wounds.

The British police, though, are certain that even if Bhutto had been shot at, it was the head injury following the blast which killed her.

“Dr Carey excludes the possibility of a bullet to the neck or upper trunk as being a relevant factor in the actual case of the death when set against the nature and extent of her head injury,” Majid added.

The Yard's investigation was supposed to end the controversy surrounding Benazir's death, but many doubt the British findings, they make their case by pointing out that

  • the crime scene was washed away within hours of thee attack,
  • the Yard was only assisting the Pakistan government agencies, and did not have independent charge of the investigation,
  • and that Islamabad lacked credibility ever since President Musharraf himself admitted that Pakistani investigators had made mistakes in the initial probe.

(With inputs from Surya Gangadharan

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