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Mar 22, 2009 at 05:09pm IST

Prabhakaran alive and is in Lanka: LTTE

Prabhakaran is alive and leading the war in Sri Lanka – the LTTE's political wing chief Nadesan tells CNN-IBN in an exclusive e-mail interview. He also says the LTTE doesn’t consider India its enemy.

CNN-IBN: How do you respond to Sri Lanka government's claim that the LTTE is blocking a safe passage for civilians trapped in your areas?

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Nadesan: First of all, it is not appropriate to use the word "trapped." It is these people's land, where they have been living for generations until the Sri Lankan government chased them out of their homes. They are not trapped; they are still struggling to get their life back in their land with dignity.

CNN-IBN: Where is Prabhakaran at the moment?

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Nadesan: As you said, yes, there are rumours and speculations. But I can confirm that our leader is here with our people as always.

CNN-IBN: What do you think the LTTE can do to change India's stand on the conflict?

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Nadesan: We have neither ever committed any act against India's interests nor have any intentions to do so. The source of strength and security for India's southern flank is intertwined with the political stability and security of Eelam Tamils.

CNN-IBN: Would the LTTE chief be willing to meet Indian government officials and hold talks with them?

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Nadesan: If the talks are without preconditions and towards the political aspirations of Eelam Tamils. India is the super power of this region; India is our friend. We always want India to get involved and be on our side.

CNN-IBN: Does the LTTE feel that politicians in Tamil Nadu are using the Eelam Tamil issue for domestic political gains?

Nadesan: It is obvious that all political parties have their differences of policies regarding domestic affairs; it wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on that. However, the Eelam Tamils sincerely appreciate the solidarity of all the people of Tamil Nadu. The strength of Eelam Tamils today is the support of the people of Tamil Nadu and the entire Tamil diaspora.

Nadesan declined to answer this question:

CNN-IBN: Does the LTTE feel that had it not been for the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, India would have supported the Eelam Tamil cause? Does the LTTE regret the Rajiv Gandhi assassination?

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