Mar 27, 2012 at 12:12pm IST

Prasad: Action king Arjun Sarja returns to Kannada films

New Delhi: Arjun Sarja is all set to make his comeback in the Kannada film industry with his upcoming flick 'Prasad' which has been widely appreciated at the Berlin Film Festival recently. Although, not fully a commercial venture, the film has now roused curiosity among viewers. Film lovers will be once again excited to see Arjun on-screen after 'Sri Manjunatha', which was released in 2001.

When City Express interacted with Arjun Sarja, he spoke about his new films, his experience at the Berlin Film Festival and also about his future projects.

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Expressing his excitement over the Berlin Film Festival, he said, "It was great to be a part of the film festival. It was my first experience as an actor. We got to watch films from across the world under a single roof. I also learnt many aspects of marketing a film."

Prasad: Arjun Sarja returns to Kannada films

The story of 'Prasad' revolves around a mechanic who yearns for a baby boy as he feels it may bring him fortune.

The story of his latest film 'Prasad' revolves around a mechanic who yearns for a baby boy as he feels it may bring him fortune and luck. But his dreams are shattered when he gets to know that his son has speech and hearing impairment.

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Promising a positive end, Arjun further added, "I accepted this role only for its climax. Madhuri plays the character of a mother and her characterisation proves to be more well developed than my role in the film."

Speaking about his future plans, Arjun said that he is performing the role of a cop in the movie 'Veerappan'. He is also directing a Kannada film which will be released shortly. He added that the audience itself is a good judge for evaluating the performance of an artiste and the presentation of a film.

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