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Mar 12, 2008 at 05:39pm IST

Priyanka, Sreesanth's 'romantic chat' a prank

Mumbai: Celebrity gossip sells - in newspapers and television channels - so Bollywood's Priyanka Chopra decided to play a prank. And her victim was the media.

It all began when an alleged romantic conversation between Priyanka and cricketer S Sreesanth got leaked to some news channels and magazines who splashed the expose prominently.

But on Tuesday when Sreesanth called for a press conference to address the controversy, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fell in place - especially after Priyanka made a dazzling entry.

All became painfully clear. A luxury soap brand had planned the entire prank with the consent of the two celebs to pull a fast one on the media for a change.

And Priyanka, herself often the victim of vicious rumour mongering, was clearly delighted at having turned the tables.

"There are so many stories about us which are totally untrue and we take it positively toh ek kahani app bhi le sakte hai (so you can also take one)," Priyanka said.

Shrewdly passing off the prank as a harmless joke, the actress made it clear this was fun for fun's sake.

"Now come on don't not be so vengeful. Whatever you guys are I still like you," she said

Ask Sreesanth why he agreed to participate in this prank and he points in the direction of his partner in crime; claiming it was a gesture for a close buddy.

"She is really hot and she is very good. She is a good friend," Sreesanth said.

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