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Mar 06, 2007 at 10:58pm IST

Pune drug users maybe jailed

Pune: Two hundred and seventy one youngsters were taken into custody on Sunday morning for attending a rave party. All are now awaiting bail.

Pune, leaving aside the Rajneesh ashram is generally seen as a quiet, conservative town dominated by Maharashtrian brahmins, but it seems as if the new generation is changing Pune's identity.

Bail will be just temporary relief for those who were jailed for Pune's now infamous rave party. All the 271 accused have to report in court every 15 days till the police files its final chargesheet.

And if they are found guilty of drug abuse, they may be sentenced to upto one year of rigourous imprisonment.

Defence lawyer, V Kakade says, "After the bail we will have to wait till the chargesheet is filed. The charges are that they have consumed drugs. We have sent blood samples of the accused to the forensic labs and we are waiting for the reports."

Family members of many of the accused are loudly protesting the police action. They say the police has unfairly detained 'everybody' present at the party.

Says the relative of one of the accused, Rohit, "Out of the 300, if 200 are guilty, why should the other 100, who are innocent, suffer?

But many friends and relatives of the accused have also supported the police action. Some suggest that their children could be guilty. Consuming drugs is an illegal act and they say that this incident will indeed be a deterrent for others.

Meanwhile, the police is trying to zero in on the persons who sent out SMS messages inviting people for the party.

Investigations will also gather pace once the blood test reports come in and it becomes clear who all actually consumed drugs at the party and who did not.

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