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Jun 17, 2007 at 02:12pm IST

Pune pubs fail to lure students

Pune: Pubs and nightclubs in Pune seem to be going through a dull phase. Many hi-profile pubs that were launched in the city with expectations of drawing young student crowd in fact failed to do so. Fire and Ice, Provogue Lounge and Athena—the famous ‘hang-out’ zones of Mumbai received a dismal response in Pune. Many of these hi-profile pubs have had to shut shop.

"Everyone wants to make money in one night. But it doesn't works that way. All the club owners try to make sure that the other club is shut so that one of them gets all the crowd," says Abhijeet Jagtap, partner of ‘Area 51’.

Infighting too seems to be taking a toll. "There is no unity among pub owners at all in Pune. They are fighting amongst each other. Cops, politicians and others are making good money from the club owners, at the expense of all party goers,” says Jagtap.

While the new entrants are slugging it out, the cash registers continue to ring profits for the old players in the city. "I come to my old hang out joint because it’s safer. I have been a student here for the past 4 years and I know all the hip crowd comes here," says Ananya, a student.

The pub owners might be going through a bad phase but tourists still find Pune a rocking place. "I live in New York. Compare it with Pune and I can say it definitely rocks. The pubs are a nice atmosphere with good music and nice Dj. I'm liking it," says tourist, Ian.

At present Pune’s young crowd has ten ‘waterholes’ to choose from. More pubs would certainly add to the variety but Puneites are a little choosy when it comes to selecting their pet hang out zone. "There is more scope for night clubs to come in. Pune is certainly the fastest growing city in India and lots of new nightclubs and lounges can come up here," says Tehseen Poonawala, partner, Lush Lounge.

There is indeed a huge market for Pubs in the city but to survive one thing is very important—when in Pune, do what ‘Puneites’ do!

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