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Jul 09, 2009 at 04:02pm IST

Pune reels under 40 per cent water cuts

Pune: Pune resident Sunetra Pandhare is trying to manage all her household chores with a just few buckets of water. Thousands like her in the city are reeling from a 40 per cent cut in water supply, thanks to depleting water levels in the four dams that supply water to the city.

"Our area is supposed to get water from 2 am to 6 am everyday. I got up at 4 am but there was no water," says Sunetra Pandhare.

Residents are left with no option but to order for water tankers and suppliers are making a killing from it.

A resident of the city, Prabha Mule says, "Last year, we were paying Rs 200 for a tanker, but this year we paid Rs 1000 for the same."

The delayed monsoon this year means that the dams have enough water for only till the end of July.

However, are these delayed rains solely responsible for the acute water shortage in the city? Figures given by the Irrigation Department point to the unprecedented expansion of Pune. A city that required only 6 TMC water in the year 2000 now requires 15 TMC every year - a figure that has more than doubled in the last nine years.

Some are blaming large corporations and their mega city plans around Pune - like Lavasa city - for the city's water crisis.

Social activist, Medha Patkar says, "Water from the Varasgaon dam that is reserved for Pune is being diverted to Lavasa. 1.5 TMC of the 15 TMC requirement of Pune is going to Lavasa which is illegal."

It's clear that Pune's infrastructure is yet to catch up with the city's growth and residents can only pray for the rain gods to rescue them from their plight.