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Mar 01, 2013 at 11:00am IST

Punjab: Conmen used electronic chips at petrol pumps to dupe customers, arrested

New Delhi: Be careful while getting your vehicle filled at petrol pumps in Punjab, as you can get less petrol than the quantity ordered. The Mansa police has busted a gang which used to steal petrol or diesel by using an electronic chip attached to the pump while it was in use. The meter readings showed the right quantity of petrol even though the chip ensured that fuel much less than that demanded was being dispensed.

The Mansa police has been arrested four people including their leader. The attendants at the petrol pumps were found using a device fitted in the petrol pumps and used a remote control or a secret code to make sure that the supply and money charged was shown accurately when it was not the case. The remote control of the chip used to be with the person operating the pump. According to the arrested people they sued to steal one liter of fuel for every 50 liters that was so was sold.

The accused said that they used to install the instrument for about Rs 30,000-50,000 and also used to charge an annual maintenance charge for the chip and remote control. According to the arrested people, they installed chips at many petrol stations across Punjab, UP and other states to dupe the customers.

Punjab: Electronic chips used to dupe customers at petrol pumps

Be careful while getting your vehicle filled at petrol pumps in Punjab.

During investigations, police found that the leader of the group was just Inter pass and had worked as a service engineer in various companies.

Gradually, he started making chips for petrol machines. He then got in touch with petrol pump owners and employees and installed his chip after they agreed to dupe the customers. He earned so much through his dubious dealing that now owns a petrol pump himself.