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Apr 27, 2010 at 10:10pm IST

Radiation leak calls for urgent Govt attention

New Delhi: The threat from the recent radiation scare in the capital suddenly turned much more potent. The first victim, 35-year-old Rajender Prasad died on Monday after battling radiation side affects for almost two weeks.

The radioactive scrap was initially discovered in Mayapuri in West Delhi. The big fear is that it may not only be the small pocket of Mayapuri which is prone to radioactivity. The scrap from here could have gone to other parts of the capital or even India which now could very well be radioactive. So it could now affect you and me as well.

But where did all this come from? Even after two weeks no one has any clue about.

Sources in the police confirmed to CNN-IBN that two Faridabad godowns were under the scanner but after thorough checks both were given a clean chit.

1. The police are now almost certain that the material has come from outside and is not of 'Indian Origin.'

2. Investigations have now been accelerated with the police now registering a case under a stricter section of 304A - causing death due to negligence.

Speaking to scrapdealers in the area, it's almost impossible to track the source of the material as it comes by the tons and there is no record kept.

Scrapdealer in Dwarka, Prasad Gupta said, "It's very difficult to check every single container and find out what is in what.. how can we do that, its not feasible. But after this incident, some check definitely needs to be in place."

There is an urgent need to check all material coming in from across the world. Its a mammoth task, but with the first instance of a radiation death, the government and its laws need to shake up so that families are not left grappling with tragedies that could have been avoided.