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Aug 21, 2013 at 11:52am IST

Raghurajpur village in Puri a home to several art forms

Puri: The village of Raghurajpur in Puri is not only famous for Gotipua dance but for more than a dozen art forms like Pata Chitra, wood and stone carving and palm leaf painting, which are nurtured here. There are 120 houses in this village and each house is an art workshop. The village has produced several skilled artisans who take pride in passing on the nuances of their art form to future generations.

"I have given my entire life to this wooden craft. This is my only source of passion and joy," Bansidhar, craftsman.

"This art is our identity, it's our Lord Jagannath culture. No matter how difficult it is for us to keep this alive, we simply cannot leave our art which has given us our identity," said Prakash Mahapatra, pattachitra artist.

Every year, hundreds of tourists visit this heritage craft village. Perhaps nowhere else in the world one would find congregation of so many art forms at a single village. The credit to keep the art alive goes to the 300 odd artisans of this village, who in spite of all all hardship uphold the rich tradition.