Oct 24, 2013 at 08:32am IST

Rahul takes the poll battle to MP, will his emotional pitch work?

Indore: From Rajasthan, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi will take the election battle to poll-bound Madhya Pradesh again on Thursday. He will hold the Satta Parivartan rally in Indore on Thursday.

Speaking in Rajasthan on Wednesday, he made an emotional pitch invoking his own personal tragedy. He said that he could empathise with the plight of riot victims of Muzaffarnagar because he himself has been a victim of terrorism.

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Referring to the assassination of his grandmother and former prime minister Indira Gandhi, he said it took him years to get over the trauma.

"They killed my grandmother, they killed my father, they will kill me too. It took me 15 years to get over the anger. It takes years to forget anger but it takes only minutes to ignite anger within someone," he said.

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He also accused the BJP of spreading communal violence for political gains. "The Opposition has only one job. They ignite anger. They bring hatred between Hindus and Muslims," Rahul said.

Earlier this month too, addressing a rally in Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh, Rahul had said that his mother Sonia Gandhi was breathless when she was rushed from Parliament to hospital two months ago. "But although she was ill, she was adamant that she wanted to vote in Parliament" for the landmark Food Security Bill, which would ensure cheap food for the poor," Rahul had said.

In the past, Rahul has described power as poison. He has cautioned people not to fall for the guiles of Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi by referring to him as a knife in shining armour. However, now it seems he believes his real calling card is his second name to beat all the anti-incumbency of the Congress.

But the question remains as to whether this emotional pitch made by Rahul will really work for him. "I was uncomfortable with this very personal private matters being brought into the public platform, I think we have to be very careful how you calibrate statements like this, I was uncomfortable in the tone in which he made this statement, the stridency with which he made this statement, fact that he might die, the fact that his father died, the fact that his grandmother died with Muzaffarnagar I thought was ill advised and counter productive," said Vinod Mehta, Editorial Chairman, Outlook Group.