Feb 23, 2013 at 11:09am IST

Railway budget: Status check on the Bangalore station reveals it desperately needs a facelift

Bangalore: An important hub of the South Western Railways, the Bangalore city station was promised an uplift in February 2012. But how many of those promises have really been kept and are passengers happy with the facilities provided? CNN-IBN did a status check to find out what the junta wants from the Budget 2013.

With just four counters at the enquiry gate, the railway system can handle passengers in the lean period of the afternoon. But come early morning or evening when the maximum number of trains arrive and leave and it is an absolute nightmare.

Near the digital reservation counter, six screens are there and not even one of them functional. Would passengers be willing to pay more if services were improved and worked properly? On eof the passengers said, "I would maybe pay Rs 5 but it should not become too much of a burden on passenger. They should keep in mind the cost."

Better facilities in waiting rooms at stations are also on passenger's wishlist. Just three fans for a waiting room this large, serves no purpose. Passengers say its unbearable to sit here in the peak of summer season.

Bangalore was the first railway station to get Blu-Fi, a combination of bluetooth and Wi-Fi which provides free train related info. But despite ensuring such "hi-fi" facilities, basics are missing.

With a budget of Rs 1.5 crore, the Railways promised a swanky new passenger concourse with restaurants, medical facilities and multi-level parking. But come Febraury 2013 and very little seems to have been done and all the government has to say to the passengers is that this is a work in progress.