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Jun 27, 2012 at 08:42am IST

Railway Tatkal scam: How touts corner tickets

New Delhi: An IBN7 expose has revealed the bitter truth about railway tatkal tickets. Despite waiting in line for hours, genuine passengers hardly have a shot as touts, including security personnel get their hands on the tickets first.

In the national capital, the very force that promises to be with the people and for the people is looting the common man. At the Anand Vihar railway station, IBN7 met a man, wearing a Delhi Police uniform. He had no name plate or identification mark. Yet he was shamelessly turned a tout, selling railway tickets at a higher price.

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When the reporter asked him, "Can I get a tatkal ticket for Gaya,", the man in the police uniform, Tejpal, replied, "No that won't be possible, anyway how many people? Okay so five people. Two Karidiya, one Katihar and another for Purniya."

The passengers who had earlier worked with Tejpal said that he is a resourceful man. Following is an excerpt fromIBN7's conversation with a passenger, Prem.

Prem: There is no point in standing in the line.

Reporter: There has been a line since last night. Will he be able to get a tatkal ticket?

Prem: Yes he will. I have got it done from him earlier. He will charge you Rs 150.

Shockingly, Tejpal returned within a few minutes with confirmed tickets. He had no qualms in taking undue advantage of his position as a police personnel. He came outside took the money and left. But Tejpal isn't alone. IBN7 met another Delhi Police constable Haroon who was also roaming about without a nameplate.

Following is an excerpt of IBN7's conversation with Haroon:

Reporter: I need tickets for Bodhgaya

Haroon: How many people?

Reporter: Five people - Two adults, three women and one child

Haroon: What is your number in the line?

Reporter: I need tickets for tomorrow not today?

Haroon: So come and stand in the line tomorrow.

Reporter: I have been trying for two days but in vain.

Haroon: Well it's not that easy. We can only help someone in need. Some people give us up to Rs 1,000 for a ticket

Reporter: Rs 1,000 rupees for one ticket?

Haroon: Well everyone pays according to their status.

Haroon forcefully makes his men stand ahead in line, ahead of those who have been waiting for an entire night.

Despite the Delhi Police claiming to crackdown on touts, they seem completely oblivious to the moles in their own department.

At the same station, IBN7 spotted an RPF personnel with the same modus operandi. He had no nameplate but a blatant misuse of his uniform. He too helped his trusted men to stand ahead in the reservation line.

The IBN7 team then reached the Kadkadi mod reservation counter. The tout nexus was visibly strong there.

Reporter: Can I get a ticket for Gaya?

Tout: It will cost you Rs 1,600 per form.

Reporter: Rs 1,600?

Tout: Rs 1,600 for two people, Rs 400 per ticket for 4 people and 600 per ticket if there are three. I can't sell for any lesser than this.

The more the number of people, the higher the touts get as commission. That is why they offer one a better deal. The very tatkal scheme that was introduced to help people travel easy has become a means of business for middlemen and everyone from the railway operators to Delhi Police officials and the RPF personnel are involved in this scam.

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