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Mar 23, 2011 at 07:37am IST

Rajasthan Flying School runs without aircraft

Jaipur: Rajasthan Flying School could hold the key to the mystery of many dubious pilots who are flying you around.

The flying school was closed in 2008 because the only aircraft it had was grounded. Just to reiterate, it does have an aircraft to train pilots.

The same government-run flying school gave flying hours to students till six months back - offcourse for a price.

Two students of the institute Captain Anuj Choudhary and Co Pilot Amit Mundra, arrested by the Rajasthan Anti Corruption Bureau, were flying Spice Jet aircrafts till last week.

Both face charges of exaggerating their flying hours to fraudulently obtain Commercial Pilot licenses.

Out of the 200 mandatory flying hours, Amit forged 147 and Anuj 136. The actual hours flown by them were just 53 and 64 respectively.

"When they were training for their commercial pilots' license from the Rajasthan Flying School, they fudged their flying hours entries in order to be eligible for the license," said Rajasthan Anti Corruption Bureau AGDP Ajit Singh.

Rajasthan anti corruption bureau stumbled upon the shocking facts in July last year. The first give away was that they were issuing flying hours without consuming fuel. That got the cops suspicious.

The flying school then worked around this by buying fuel and then burning it just like that. The pilots will wants us to believe that they have been taken for a ride.

"We've paid a lot of money to the flying school to get these licenses. We did not understand the details of the transactions. We've never failed any skill test in the last four and a half years," said Captain Anuj Choudhary.

"We were young when we arrived, we did not understand the scam that was taking place here. This was a government approved institute, shouldn't we be able to trust the government?" said Captain Amit Moondra.

The ACB has made nine arrests including the Chief Flying Instructor Mohinder Kumar of the Rajasthan Flying School, the Chief Flying Instructor of Hissar in Haryana, the Assistant ATC of the Sanganer Airport in Jaipur and an assistant from the flying school.

Another pilot, Rajesh Yadav the son of Assistant Director DGCA who was flying Air India aircrafts was also arrested.

As the investigations proceed, the ACB, which has also written to the CBI to look into the DGCA's role in the scam, is hopeful of making more arrests in the case soon.

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