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Mar 07, 2013 at 05:50pm IST

Rajasthan sandstone mining: BJP demands JPC probe into allegations against Gehlot

Jaipur: After an IBN7 report showed how sandstone mining licences were given to the relatives of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot at throwaway prices, the Opposition targeted the government again in the Rajasthan assembly on Thursday demanding Gehlot's resignation and the setting up of a JPC probe.

The government has so far rejected the demand. The report showed how most of the 37 sandstone mining licences were given to the CM's family members. Sources say that the Speaker could announce a probe team to look into the irregularities.

Earlier on Wednesday, the CM, too, had ordered a probe. The issue was also raised by the BJP in the Rajya Sabha. Gehlot is facing allegations of allotting sandstone mines around Jodhpur's 'Bada Kotecha' village, to his close relatives. Of 37 mines allotted there, 19 went to Gehlot's relatives at throwaway prices including Manjula Gehlot, wife of the CM's brother Agrasen, Shalini Gehlot, his brother's daughter-in-law and Veena Kachhawa, wife of his nephew Jaswant Singh. The IBN Network does in fact have the names of all the relatives favoured.

It is also alleged that in November 2012, Gehlot altered mining allotment norms to suit his relatives. First, that mines at Bada Kotecha would be allotted to those who owned sandstone factories at Mandor Stone Park and that applications even for less than 5 hectares up to 1 hectare would be accepted.