Jan 24, 2013 at 12:02pm IST

Rajshri, to act in a Malayalam film, directed by Reji Nair

Rajshri Ponnappa, who made her debut with movie 'Pithavinum Puthranum Parishudhathmavinum', which was directed by Deepesh, is yet to be released. Ponnappa, has already started working for her next movie titled 'Aram'. The movie will be directed by Reji Nair.

Rajashri will play a role of a modern woman named Jessy. A women oriented subject and a psychic thriller, the story revolves around two friends who meet at different intervals of time, only to get baffled by the changes that time has to offer them.

Rajashri, who has been mostly seen in glamorous roles in the Kannada films, finds Malayalam film industry as a fine space that will offer her enough space to prove her acting skills in near future.

Rajshri, to act in a Malayalam film 'Aram'

Rajashri plays Jessy in a psychic thriller 'Aram'.