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Sep 24, 2008 at 11:21pm IST

If SRK is the moon then I am the star: Rakhi

Mumbai: The Indian Cricket League (ICL) is back with its second season and this time taking the cricketainment factor to the next level they have come up with the first of its kind 'Indian Cheerleading Squad' – curiously termed ICL Zeebras – headed by the queen of oomph Rakhi Sawant.

While cheerleaders have not exactly been a favourite with the moral police, here's Rakhi's take on it.

“My cheerleaders will not be banned because none of our dance movements will be vulgar. We will keep in mind the Indian audience while deciding on the choreography,” she said.

Taking her role a tad, too, seriously, Rakhi also made a point to the BCCI.

"On behalf of ICL, I would like to invite Lalit Modiji and Sharad Pawarji to watch the ICL matches with us,” Rakhi said.

And if you thought that Shah Rukh was the greatest star of cricketainment then here’s another gem from the item girl: “Everyone likes SRK. I definitely cannot compare him with anybody. But if he is the moon then I am the star. Everyone can reach the moon but no one can touch the star.”

So make sure you catch the cheerleader’s squad making their debut on October 10 at Hyderabad. And with Rakhi on board we are sure grabbing eyeballs won’t be a tough task!

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